Advocacy and Policy Engagement


Our Advocacy and Policy Engagement Programme (APEP) is the fourth programme at the core of our work and was formed out of the realization that practical problems that communities face result from policy inconsistencies, policy omissions and acts of commission that are not in the interest the poor.

Programme projects

The solution that the programme offers is to use the research results from Ruzivo to influence livelihoods in a broad sense. The policy advisory work that Ruzivo Trust has carried out to date includes:

  • Land Advisory and Brokering, addresses the practical problems that are faced by farmers that result from policy inconsistencies.
  • Policy omissions and acts of commission aimed at entrenching power interests.
  • Gender and Agriculture, uses gender as a basis for policy development working with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Programme projects

  • Irrigation and Mechanisation Development, Economic Empowerment, explores policy avenues for strengthening the micro and macro-economic situations in Zimbabwe for the benefit of all citizens while addressing poverty challenges.
  • Social Development Policy, focuses on the human dimension with the objective of making people’s lives better through addressing poverty.
  • Zimbabwe Agro-biodiversity Consortium (ZABC), seeks to enhance the socio-economic and environmental security of women, men and youth in rural communities of Zimbabwe by promoting diverse agricultural and entrepreneurial practices.