Our Work


Ruzivo Trust is the place of knowledge and best practices on land, agriculture and livelihoods in Zimbabwe.

We are an organization that values local knowledge on sustainable livelihoods and aim to use knowledge as a basis for addressing the challenges that face communities.

What We Do

Our mission is centred to influence and facilitate development processes based on transformative knowledge for securing and sustaining life.

Access Rights Programme

Our Access Rights Programme is an action research through on-farm surveys and participatory techniques which involved communities and stakeholders.

Livelihoods Innovation Development Programme

Our Livelihoods Innovation Development Programme, advises local, national and international organization’s on livelihoods issues such as mainstreaming livelihoods in development programme’s, gender, HIV and AIDS.

Skills and Capacity Development Programme

Our Skills and capacity development programme equip’s farmers with skills to gather adequate information essential for engaging in livelihoods and agricultural production.

Advocacy and Policy Engagement Programme

Our Advocacy and Policy Engagement Programme seeks to improve livelihoods of the poor, by highlighting policy inconsistencies, policy omissions and acts of commission that are not in the interest the poor.