The Team

Our mission is centred to influence and facilitate development processes based on transformative knowledge for securing and sustaining life. Meet our team dedicated, professional young people who are committed to creating sustainable livelihoods for Zimbabweans.

Dr. Prosper Bvumiranayi Matondi


A rural development expert, a natural leader on development research, publisher, advisor and a strategist par excellence in the areas of livelihoods based on work done over 20 years. His research interests in the area of rural development, resources rights and justice are aimed at connecting the local to national and global processes. In his progressive work, he utilizes systems and innovative thinking with a range of social and policy tools that I have acquired to influence national, regional.

Mrs. Esther Paradza

Finance director

A highly experienced expert with more than 30 years of finance management experience for international and national organizations in the not-for profit sector. She is highly skilled and understands development risks and the necessary finance management systems that brings value for money whilst at the same time being impactful on local communities. She has got capabilities of training programmes staff who are non-finance management experts and therefore providing the desired completeness in Ruzivo Trust.

Kudzanai Chimhanda

Programme Officer (Agriculture)

A development researcher and agricultural economist by training with more than three years of cumulative experience focused on policy practice, youth in agriculture, green economy, livestock value chain systems, structural transformation especially in the African and Zimbabwean context. She has developed a strong flair in research (desk review studies, quantitative and qualitative research) and project management from a local to regional perspective. She brings to the table good research ethics and a strong working passion on agriculture-related issues.

Niklaus Mutsweyekwa

Programme Officer (GIS)

A social scientist with an inclination towards human-environmental interactions. He has demonstrated an adaptable attitude towards his work and learning experience at Ruzivo by taking on various tasks that are as challenging as they are rewarding. He has taken on quantitative work such as spatial statistics and use of geographic information systems to map out the environments Ruzivo has been engaged in. He has carried out sentiment analysis and other qualitative related work.

Christine Juta

Programme Officer (Renewable Energy)

A passionate Renewable Energy enthusiast who is studying towards a MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering with the University of Zimbabwe. With more than 3 years’ experience in youth-led initiatives, she is a 2018 African Union/International Centre for Women and Girls Education STEM Ambassador and has worked extensively with the Africa Matters Initiative, which is dedicated to changing African narratives by equipping African youth with leadership skills and grassroots projects in African communities. Christine is a Future Africa Forum content contributor under the Energy and Development thematic areas who believe in the liberating power of quality education and amplifying youth voices. She has also written a research paper on Power Generation Opportunities using Solar Energy under the Renewable Energy for Socio-Economic Transformation program run by RUZIVO Trust.

Maureen Hove

Programme Officer (Renewable Energy)

A highly resourceful & self-motivated chemical engineer, whose passion also extends to Renewable Energy and climate change. Having worked in Manufacturing and Product Design Industries for more than two years, she has gained fingertip knowledge on chemicals formulation, risk management and handling, market research and analysis. She was also part of the young scholars who participated in the Clean Energy and Environment program by the Fredrich Ebert Stiftung, Zimbabwe (FES_ZIMBABWE) and made the best presentation in which she was awarded the Best Paper Presentation during the 2016 Clean Energy Week. Engineering Projects she has been involved include the production of biopolymers and biofuel from sugarcane bagasse. Apart from being an avid engineering student, she is also a blogger and a humanitarian.

Connie Nawaigo – Zhuwarara


A Ugandan national and Zimbabwean resident, with a Masters in Women’s Law from the University of Zimbabwe and a Bachelor of Law from Makerere University (Uganda). Over the years she has amassed considerable working experience in human rights, social justice and women’s law explicitly legal analysis, lobby, advocacy and research. Her areas of interest include women’s law, business and human rights (in the context of the impact of agribusiness on women’s rural livelihoods) and natural resources law. She also has a keen interest in changing the status quo especially concerning the challenges faced by women in the legal system.

Clemence Tauya Nhliziyo


A researcher, expert on policy advocacy, student of development policy and young leader focused on knowledge prototype designs that contribute to community transformation. He is a neo-change agent for Africa whose belief is deep-rooted in ethical leadership for Africa and Africa’s interests. His work has developed within a well-built understanding of contemporary African development and humanitarian issues such as land and agrarian reforms, agricultural policy practice, education policy, social and livelihood protection, human rights, biofuels and the realities of climate change among many other issues.

Innocent Chamisa


A Multilingual International Development Practitioner with domestic, regional and international experience and exposure. His expertise is pivoted on a strong international-interdisciplinary academic background. He has a solid technical understanding of Agriculture, Rurality, Sustainable livelihoods, and Natural Resource Management issues, all glued with Development Law mastery. A scholar who holds A Master of Jurisprudence (MJ) in Rule of Law for Development(USA); Master of Science (Msc) in Rural Development and Natural Resource Management (Sweden); Master in Land development (Algeria) and a Bachelor of Science (Honors)- degree in Agribusiness management (Algera).

Getrude D. Gwenzi


A Sociology and Social Policy doctoral researcher, mainly focusing on the sociology of families and childhoods and has expertise in qualitative methodologies and analysis. She is a qualified social worker with over 5 years of Child Protection experience, focusing on the rights of vulnerable children and young people. She also has policy analysis experience, with a focus on child and youth policies. For the past 5 years, she has been conducting research on institutionalized children and youths and those who have experienced the child welfare system. She has presented the findings of this research at both regional and global conferences, representing the voice of orphans and vulnerable children and youths in Zimbabwe.